24 Mar 2020

EKATO Statement on COVID-19

1. Update on the impact of COVID-19 on EKATO-Orders

With the impact of the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) disrupting so much of our dailylives, we want to assure you and our customers, that EKATO is well prepared.

We will continue to fully operate and manufacture throughout the duration of thispublic health crisis. We have established a complete business continuity plan toeliminate as many delays as possible, which may occur due to low capacities ofemployees, late deliveries from sub-suppliers and shipment capacities in specific cases.

EKATO is carefully monitoring all orders with delivery dates within the next 6-8weeks, in order to ensure that our customers are still on schedule or to minimize anydelays. Should delays occur in individual cases, they will be clearly communicatedand be kept to a minimum. Supply chains so far can be guaranteed in the bestpossible way. In the event of an office closure or other disruption, we are equipped towork remotely in technologically secure environments but would inform separately. Itis our aim to keep our customer service the highest level possible.

We have been observing this issue for some time now because the health and safetyof our staff and customers is our top priority. Your partnership and trust now meanmore than ever. We look forward to continuing to serve you and we wish safety and good health to everyone.


2.Preventive Measures at EKATO


General Measures
  • EKATO Group task force has been founded and meets twice a week (via online meetings)
  • Document on the most important questions (handling, scenarios) concerning the Coronavirus has been established and is accessible to every employee on the intranet and is updated at least twice a week
  • Visits of customers and suppliers which were supposed to take place at EKATO have been cancelled (video conferences if possible)
  • Transport companies, craftsmen etc. must fill out a self-disclosure questionnaire before entering the premises
  • Access prohibited for external persons
  • Company canteen has been closed
  • Doors (unless relevant for fire protection) are kept open to avoid touching the door handles
  • Hygiene rules have been communicated several times and are published
  • Disinfectants that also protect against viruses have been present at EKATO for years. Additional disinfection stands at various locations in the company have been installed
  • Disinfection dispensers have been placed at all entrances


Measures Concerning Employees
  • Keeping a distance (of at least 1.5 m) to people, also in the recreation rooms, employee kitchens, smoking areas
  • In production, the machines are positioned very far apart, which ensures a minimum distance of 2 m
  • If team arrangements are necessary, these take place in very small groups, with the necessary distance between them
  • The teams in assembly aren’t mixed anymore – the same two employees are now permanently working together. In addition, all workplaces are very far apart from each other
  • Appeal to all employees to stay at home if possible, to avoid social contacts and to follow the regulations (measures according to the decisions of the state of Baden-Württemberg, Germany)
  • Meetings only take place with sufficient distance, usually via telephone/video conference
  • Personal meetings are only held when absolutely necessary, with sufficient distance
  • Airing before and after meetings
  • Home office ≤ 50% in each department with suitable assignments
  • Production employees have to shower at home, the showers at the company remain closed


Measures Concerning Customers
  • Business continuity management
  • Frequent communication with customers (video and telephone conferences)
  • Close cooperation and coordination with suppliers
  • No business trips to protect customers and employees
  • Maintaining production under protective and hygienic conditions to ensure delivery reliability and supply availability


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