Pilot Plant ELA 50

Process development pilot plant for high viscous applications

ELA 50 is a pilot plant installed at the EKATO technology center in a 50 l scale and is preferably used for high-viscous applications. Because of its flexible mixing system, it can be used for a wide range of other applications as well. On request, this pilot process plant can be designed and built in different sizes specifically for your requirements. If you develop a new process or want to optimize an existing one, EKATO would be pleased to be your partner with our expertise in process development, scale-up, mechanical engineering and construction.



ELA 50 is a pilot plant for process developments in a 50 l scale. It  comprises a reactor with a coaxial agitator system which allows operation of a central and a close-to-the-wall impeller. A vacuum station can be used for degassing and solvent recovery. These units are installed in an EX-proof area and suitable for operation with flammable liquids.

Processes are investigated under well defined fluid dynamic conditions. The results from trials can be directly used for scale-up to industrial size.

Process types

Batch or semi-batch, single or multiphase, across a wide range of processes:

  • low to high viscosities
  • suspension
  • degassing
  • dispersion
  • solvent evaporation

Optimization of the agitation system to

  • minimize mixing times
  • maximize mass transfer
  • provide efficient solids suspension
  • increase heat transfer

Operating conditions

  • working volume 60 litres
  • temperatures: 20 to 200°C
  • pressure: 40 mbar (abs) to 4 bar (abs)
  • viscosity: up to 1,000 Pa s


  • plant is EX-proof (T3, IIB)
  • variety of different impeller systems from central impellers to close-to-the-wall impellers (also suitable for parallel coaxial installation)
  • vacuum station with condenser
  • modification for steam injection into the vessel and lower temperatures possible

Our service

Support from EKATO mixing specialists:

  • trials performed at EKATO laboratories
  • scale-up expertise
  • guarantees for key process parameters
  • analytical services (density, viscosity, GC, HPLC)

Process Monitoring

  • temperatures (vessel and jacket)
  • pressure
  • impeller speed
  • impeller torque/power input

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