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Even if the stirring and mixing technology is one of the classic basic operations, it is subject to constant change – just like the entire process industry. EKATO operates several R&D  centres in Germany and the US to develop solutions for new technologies and thus meet the growing demands for cost-, energy- and raw material efficiency. 

EKATO research is concerned with the physical and chemical principles of the mixing process. Only an understanding of the interactions between mixing and the process result leads to an optimal solution.

On one hand, the focus of the development is on the impellers themselves. Thanks to state-of-the-art methods of flow simulation, impellers can be optimised for process-specific requirements. Whether it is about creating or preventing shear stresses, maximising mixing efficiency and heat transfer at different viscosities, or preventing wear: with optimised stirring devices, each process can be operated more economically. Also the use of new materials of construction – metallic, ceramic or composite – is intensively investigated and brought to market maturity in research and development. Higher service lives of agitators and vessel installations in corrosive or abrasive environments reduce the maintenance costs of the plant  operator.

On the other hand, EKATO carries out application developments on behalf of the customer. The interplay of material properties and fluid dynamics in multi-phase systems with parallel chemical and physical processes is often not easy to calculate. Here, the experiment provides the information necessary for interpretation. These can be simple batch tests in the open glass vessel. Particularly in continuous operation, the piloting of a complete system section with all of the components is useful. Finally, R & D also operates closed systems in which chemical reactions can be carried out at pressures up to 100 bar in order to work out the interplay of chemistry and mixing.

The performance of the research and development is not least due to well-established teams with state-of-the-art expertise. Chemists, engineers, and technicians develop solutions that ensure maximum efficiency and operational safety for the plant operator.

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Growing requirements and novel technologies require continuous research and new innovative solutions. EKATO Rühr- und Mischtechnik offers a state-of-the-art research and development center to design safe and highly efficient mixing process solutions.

The performance of research and development is based on a very experienced and established team with an excellent expertise in state-of-the-art technology and process solutions. Chemists, engineers and technicians are developing the solutions that ensure maximum efficiency and operational reliability for the plant operator.


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