18 Jun 2019

EKATO at the ALTA 2019

The ALTA is one of the largest conferences in the field of minerals processing (ore processing for metal extraction) held annually in Perth, Australia. This year the interest in this conference was especially great, with more than 450 delegates during the 5 days.

One reason for this large number of visitors is the great demand for metals in the manufacture of electric batteries.In this industry not only lithium, but also large amounts of cobalt and nickel are needed. When extracting these metals or metal salts, EKATO mixing technology is often in use. In addition to the extraction of metals from primary raw material sources, urban mining was another topic for the first time on this year’s ALTA. The so-called urban mining is for example the extraction of metals (and other raw materials) from secondary raw material sources such as waste and waste dumps. In this field, EKATO makes also a major contribution to the sustainable and environmentally friendly use of scarce resources through its efficient mixing technology.

Together with the largest Russian gold producer Polyus, EKATO hold a presentation about the topic 'The use of the Combijet+ in the organic gold extraction at Polyus' on the lecture program of the conference. The successful large-scale implementation of the technology developed by EKATO was demonstrated based on positive production experience at Polyus. EKATO exhibit with a stand, where the visitors were able to have a look and even get inside a new world scale minerals processing autoclave for the first time in virtual reality.

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