20 Apr 2017

Manufacture of Adhesives

Manufacture of adhesives / Increased productivity by means of integrated systems solution

Adhesives and their production are continuously gaining more importance in modern industry. There is an innovative pressure that arises from individual customer requirements for a variety of different bonding techniques. A wide range of products makes it necessary to develop new formulations. This creates new bonding challenges for the bonding technique and equipment that is needed for the manufacture of adhesives. Caused by the high demands on adhesive compounds and the complex rheology involved in manufacturing various recipes, EKATO has designed a system solution specifically suited for the mixing process in the adhesive production which takes the complex rheology into account with respect to the production of many different types of formulations. The high level of system flexibility and short batch times enables cost-effective production of adhesives of all kinds.

In addition to the development process that takes place in the modern R&D center, EKATO offers an optimization of individual components and raw material feedpoints up to the complete delivery of all system components. The focus is to achieve an optimized mixing process that not only provides short mixing times and quick blending from low to very high viscosity ranges but guarantees consistent product quality and reduced batch times.

Impellers are adapted to the vessel contours and can additionally be equipped with specially designed impellers that support the product discharge. In addition, an optimized cleaning system specifically designed for the vessel can be used for fast product change. An anti-stick© coating of the vessel and all product-wetted parts simplifies the cleaning and accelerates the discharge of the final product. Particularly for products with very high end viscosities, the patented EKATO High Yield Discharge System© guarantees fast discharge and only low amounts of product remain in the production vessel.

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