3 Sep 2019

Apprentices starting at EKATO 2019

The new apprentices start their way into professional life this week, as well as the students, who start from October on. The beginning of the professional career is an important step and EKATO attaches great importance to qualified training. Therefore we are looking forward to welcoming 22 new trainees and students in this year.

Training occupations, ranging from industrial business management assistant, technical product designers, IT specialists, industrial mechanics, mechatronics technicians, to specialists in metal technology, are offered within the wide range of training at EKATO.

Also offered are various dual study programs, such as Bachelor of Arts / Business Administration, Bachelor of Engineering of Mechanical Engineering - Design and Development, of Industrial Engineering or of Electrical Engineering – Automation.  

Young professionals can expect a comprehensive and instructive education, in which they go through various areas of the company and are individually looked after by the trainers. The apprenticeship also promises that the trainees / students gain a lot of practical experience that they can use as qualified employees. 

We are happy to welcome so many new faces to EKATO this year and wish everyone a good start and much success in their professional lives. 

EKATO again offers practice-oriented training as well as dual study courses in various fields for the upcoming year 2020. 

More information on this can be found on our EKATO career page.

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