Handbook of mixing technology

EKATO. THE BOOK is our state-of-the-art reference book that explains the principles of process, mechanical and design engineering on which mixing technology is based. It is of special interest to readers such as plant and project engineers who are concerned with practical applications in everyday production. A unique compendium of the latest developments in mixing technology, with many application examples as well as some theoretical background about mixing, to show our dedication to all areas of industrial mixing.  


EKATO. THE BOOK is divided into 7 chapters:


  • Customer - Requirements and analyses
  • Science -Basics
  • Experience - Designing agitator systems
  • Know-how - Agitator components
  • Engineering - From the agitator to the plant
  • Availability - Service and maintenance
  • Customized solution - Completed plants


ISBN: 978-3-00-038660-2

Handbook of mixing technology

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