In the past 85 years EKATO has developed to world market leader in mixing technology and offers today optimized mixing technologies for all process-oriented industries.

EKATO has been family-owned since its founding in 1933 and is represented worldwide with subsidiaries in Europe, Asia, Australia, South America, South Africa and the USA as well as a network of trading partners.

At the ultramodern research and development center at EKATO headquarters, more than 1,000 m2 of laboratories and testing facilities are available for an analysis of customer processes.



Development and manufacture of customized industrial agitators, complete plants and seals for the process industry.



Employees approx. 800 worldwide

Turnover approx. 200 million euro

Export > 85%

R&D quote approx. 7%

Trainees 7%



EKATO Headquarters

Made in Germany

The company was founded in Düsseldorf in 1933: Erich Karl Todtenhaupt, whose initials gave the brand ist name, launched products such as the LaborMix, drum agitators, single-paddle mixers and homogenizers on the market with his plant construction company.

As early as 1950, EKATO recognizes the challenge of safely sealing rotating shafts and consequently develops own mechanical seals for agitators. To this day EKATO is the only agitator manufacturer offering in-house mechanical seals and supply systems. The internationalization of operations began immediately after the Second World War, when EKATO developed its own agitator seals for Swiss chemical companies and relocaded to Schopfheim, a southern Baden town close to the border.

As of 1970, EKATO offers opimized impellers for special process requirements. At present Ekatos portfolio includes a wide range of agitators with industry-specific designs and holds a variety of patents.

1974, the first foreign subsidiary takes up operations in France. More milestones include the market leadership 1970 in Germany and 1990 in Europe. In the 90s EKATO expands towards Asia and Australia. Since 2004 EKATO is the world market leader in blending and mixing technology.

The expansion creating the EKATO GROUP starts 1982 with the founding of FLUID Misch- und Dispergiertechnik, followed by the founding of ESD GMBH EKATO Sicherheits- und Dichtungstechnik in 1988. 1994 EKATO takes over the company Haagen + Rinau Mischtechnik GmbH (EKATO UNIMIX) located in Bremen and creates the basis to enter the business sector of process plants.

For the 80th company anniversary in 2013, new Headquarters with an attached state-of-the-art Research and Development Centre is inaugurated – a declaration of belief in  the location Schopfheim made by owner family Todtenhaupt.  

The EKATO Mission Statement

“It is our top priority to consult our customers beyond the expected demands also in auxiliary fields, never to persuade them, and to exceed expectations by means of the deliveries made.”   

Company founder Erich-Karl Todtenhaupt


“It is our top priority to consult our customers ...": It is all about the customer.

"…beyond the expected demands…...": We offer high level of expertise and engagement. 

"...also in auxiliary fields...": We cover a broad consulting competence. 

"... never to persuade them...": We focus on customer's needs. 

"... and to exceed expectations by means of the deliveries made": We have high quality standards for the product and daily conduct.

Why a Code of Conduct?

Throughout its history, EKATO has developped into a company with an excellent reputation - we provide peak performance at a high level of sophistication. We all bear the responsibility for maintaining and further building on this reputation.

1. Basic guidelines
  • Compliance with applicable laws and regulations is obvious in our company. Our employees are required to comply with the legal regulations and provisions applicable to their area of activity.
  • In particular, our company observes national and international laws governing the import, export or domestic trade of goods, technology or services, as well as the handling of certain products and the movement of capital and payments. Our company also complies with national and international embargo and export control regulations.
  • Any form of bribery is forbidden in our company, whether from public officials or in business dealings. Our employees are prohibited from claiming, promising or accepting money or valuables as compensation for the purchase of products or other services. Any material or financial contribution to employees or agents as compensation for preferential business dealings is prohibited.
  • Our company is committed to ethical, fair and open competition. Our employees are prohibited from making arrangements that influence competition in an improper manner. National competition laws must be adhered to and enforced by all employees of our company.


2. Handling information and intellectual property
  • Our company is fully committed to the protection of intellectual property and third party copyright. We do not use dishonest methods to obtain the trade secrets of our competitors or to obtain company-internal and confidential information about them. We do not participate in the unauthorized use, duplication, distribution or modification of software or other intellectual property.
  • Our employees are required to maintain secrecy about company and business secrets and other internal matters. This applies to information about contractual partners and customers that is not publicly available, even after termination of the employment relationship.
  • Our house ensures compliance with data protection regulations. Any type of processing of personal data must be in accordance with applicable data protection law. Documents containing personal information about employees are kept confidential and protected against unauthorized access.


3. Environmental protection and sustainability
  • Our company complies with applicable environmental laws, regulations and standards.
  • Our company is always committed to the responsible use and procurement of natural resources in the manufacture and distribution of our products and services.


4. Social responsibility
  • Our company is committed to equal opportunities and a supportive work environment characterized by respect and tolerance, recognizing the value and dignity of each, and treating each other with courtesy, honesty and dignity. Harassment, bullying and intimidation are prohibited.
  • The prohibition of child labor and forced labor is respected in our company.
  • Our company respects the diverse cultural, ethnic and religious backgrounds and is committed to the principle of equality, regardless of nationality, race or ethnic origin, age, disability, appearance and other physical constitution, skin color, sexual orientation, gender, religion and belief or any other protected characteristics by law. Personnel-related decisions must be made free of any discrimination. Our company does not tolerate any discriminatory behavior towards employees or applicants.
  • Our company respects the dignity and personal rights of our employees and third parties with whom we have business relations.
  • Occupational safety and health at work is ensured under national provisions. Our company adheres to the legal regulations for the protection of fair working conditions including remuneration, working hours and privacy.


5. Compliance with the Code of Conduct
  • The Code of Conduct must be handed over and followed by every employee of our company.
  • Our company will comply with the core values contained in the Code of Conduct in all business areas by implementing all appropriate organizational measures and appropriate policies and processes.
  • Violations of the Code of Conduct and legal regulations may, depending on their gravity, result in labor and liability consequences.

Handbook of mixing technology


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