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CFD-model of a hydrogenation reactor.



EKATO hydrogenation plant for piloting

A good product idea is a good start. In order to quickly and safely bring your idea to the market, the hydrogenation process developed in your laboratory must be examined and optimised. An efficient production process must then be developed. Minimal investment and operating costs and the reliable operation of a production plant can only be achieved if the process concept and plant planning are based on the exact knowledge of the product and reaction parameters.

In our Hydrogenation Test Center in Schopfheim, we can examine and optimise your hydrogenation process in detail with your original raw materials. The aim is to obtain scalable test results for industrial plants. We thus guarantee maximum security for your investment in the new construction or rebuilt of a hydrogenation plant. 

Pilot testing is possible in hydrogenation reactors with a filling volume between 3 and 60 l made of stainless steel and Hastelloy. Within the framework of pilot studies, we can hydrogenate your products at up to 100 bar and up to 250°C and investigate peripheral aspects such as the filtration behaviour of the respective catalyst/product suspension.

Mobile, leasable type ELA 5 hydrogenation reactors with filling volumes between 3 and 5 l are also at your disposal in our sites in Europe, the US, China, and India. Our worldwide subsidiaries are well networked with our R & D centre in Germany. Through the proximity to our clients all over the world, we can react quickly as well as support and optimise on site.

We guarantee to transfer your hydrogenation process safely and without technological risk from the pilot scale to industrial scale.

Exclusive development partnerships

Strategic development partnerships with our clients have a long tradition at EKATO. For more than 80 years, EKATO’s knowledge and developments have helped to take the chemical processes of our clients from the test tube to large-scale production.

We are currently faced with new great opportunities and look forward to seizing them. Chemical innovations are emerging today at the border points to other disciplines and industries such as biology, photonics, and material science. At the same time, the development of new sources of raw materials as well as the sustainable handling of existing raw materials have become a central issue for our clients. New manufacturing processes often also include hydrogenations as a major synthesis step. Within the scope of exclusive joint development agreements (JDA), together with our clients, we are working towards the industrialisation of new hydrogenation processes with a high potential for future growth.

Within the context of these partnerships, EKATO is responsible for the development of reactor and plant engineering and helps to ensure that our clients can quickly and securely lead their developments to production maturity and open up new markets before their competitors do.  

EKATO Hydrogenation Plant Technology
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