The advanced hydrofoil impeller for high mixing efficiency

The impeller multitalent with a high mixing efficiency. Thanks to different blade angles (standard versions 25° and 53°) and number of blades, this impeller can be universally used for versatile mixing tasks: Including suspension, blending, heat transfer and dispersion, of low- to high viscous applications.

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The EKATO Viscoprop is a universal impeller that closes the gap between axial pumping systems for turbulent, low-viscosity regimes and positive displacement mixing systems for laminar, high-viscosity regimes. Consequently, it is also used in multi-purpose equipment with frequent product changes.

The EKATO Viscoprop is not a purely axial-pumping mixing system. The standard versions have blade angles of 25° and 53°. A higher blade angle results in an increasingly radial pumping component in additional to the axial component. The Viscoprop version with the smaller blade angle (25°) is used preferentially for low-viscosity blending and suspending tasks. The version with the higher blade angle produces a higher local energy input and a higher shear rate in the vicinity of the impeller blades. This enables homogenization of products with higher viscosities or non-Newtonian flow behavior.

EKATO VISCOPROP in operation


Thanks to its advanced hydrofoil technology, the multitalent EKATO VISCOPROP is an impeller that can be universally used for multi-purpose tasks, offering:

  • Outstanding mixing efficiency for low and medium viscous media
  • Excellent flow velocities on the vessel bottom for the suspension of solids
  • High axial flow velocities on the vessel wall for better heat transfer
  • Single / multistage impeller arrangement
  • Two, three or four bladed impeller design
  • Customized angle of inclination


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