High efficiency and low shear widefoil impeller

A low shear widefoil impeller for combined mixing requirements as suspending, homogenizing, gassing and heat transfer with low local shear.

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The EKATO Isojet B was designed for applications in which an axial flow pattern is important, but at the same time very little localised turbulence is permitted. For example, this is always the case when the emulsion contains sensitive, finely dispersed droplets or particles whose properties would be negatively influenced by local shear forces.

The power input of the Isojet B is distributed to four blades with a large surface area. In addition to efficient axial pumping, the radial component, which is larger than that of the Isojet, provides good flow onto internal cooling surfaces. These tube bundles can also be designed to act as baffles. Therefore this impeller covers combined requirements of suspension, homogenization, mass and heat transfer particularly well.

The Isojet B is also used in hydrometallurgy to disperse gas in large vessels. Extremely high circulation rates and short mixing times, even during gassing can be achieved due to its large blades.

EKATO ISOJET-B in operation


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