Wear-optimized impeller – Ideal for use in oxidation autoclaves

The impeller with its unique wear-optimized blade geomerty, optional equipped with wear-protective coatings or ceramic blades. Ideal for the use in oxidation autoclaves.

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Processing of concentrated suspensions in metal extraction is associated with demanding requirements for the service life of the impeller. The high tip speeds required for gassing processes in ore treatment often lead to high wear rates, particularly on the impeller blades. The EPOX-R was developed to provide the required mass transport in the POX (Pressure OXidation) process and also reduce wear of the impeller. The modified blade shape prevents eddy shedding and thus a severe impact of erosion.

Even without a coating, this drastically reduces wear and greatly increases the service life of the POX autoclave. The impeller blades can additionally be executed with different wear-protection coatings or solid ceramic blades.


  • Optimization of the blade shape using CFD simulations and pilot plant tests
  • Minimized vortex on the trailing side of the blade with lower wear rates as a result
  • Service life of impellers extended significantly, therefore higher efficiency
  • Extended maintenance intervals  


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