The highly efficient gassing impeller for fermenters and gas-liquid reactors

A highly efficient impeller for fermenters and gas-liquid reactors.

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The patented EKATO COMBIJET is based on the proprietary EKATO PHASEJET and ISOJET »B« impellers. Its special blade shape creates strong radial and axial flows that lead to good gas dispersion and intensive bulk mixing of the fluid. At the same time the formation of gas pockets behind the blades is prevented thus ensuring a stable performance across a wide range of operating conditions.

The objective of that impeller is to provide an optimual combination of performance characteristics for gas-liquid applications. Development was based on EKATO’s in-depth knowledge of gas-liquid dispersion technology and process design using existing impellers such as the ISOJET »B« wide blade impeller and the PHASEJET gas dispersion impeller as well as on extensive studies of fluid mechanics using standard measurement techniques and CFD simulations. Strong radial and axial flows provide excellent gas dispersion and bulk blending performance. Referring to the special geometry no marked reduction of absorbed power during gassed operation occur.

EKATO COMBIJET in operation


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