System planning and construction

In the Process Plants division, EKATO offers a comprehensive service and equipment package as a development and engineering partner for process plants based on stirred processes. With practical special knowledge and innovative methods from process and apparatus engineering, EKATO offers concept design, basic engineering, execution, procurement, and delivery as well as construction and commissioning of the system.

Concept design 

In the concept phase of the engineering, EKATO defines the essential process steps in the context of process analyses as well as mass and energy balances. If necessary, EKATO performs tests in its own highly corrosion-resistant laboratory and pilot apparatuses in which operating conditions up to 100 bar and 300°C are possible. The required scale-up to the operating scale is based on 80 years of expertise. The process concepts developed in this way are examined by our specialists with regard to feasibility, and an initial rough cost estimate is provided. 

Basic engineering

In the basic engineering phase, EKATO then technically and mechanically interprets the main apparatuses in interdisciplinary project teams and defines the utilities as well as the control and monitoring concept. An HAZOP is carried out together with the customer. Accompanied by further risk analysis, the P&ID and system layout will be gradually developed. With completion of the basic engineering, the system is then cost-assessed within a few percentage points.

Detailed engineering

In the detailing phase, the EKATO project team then specifies the equipment, fittings, and instruments in detail and clarifies their interfaces. On request, these will also be supplied by EKATO. In this case, EKATO takes over the entire order processing with technical, quality, and delivery schedule expediting at the component suppliers and manufacturers.

Installation and commissioning

EKATO carries out the mechanical, hydraulic and electrical pre-assembly of the plant, skid or system components as well as the necessary test runs and functional tests (FAT). The final assembly on site and the piping are planned and organised by experienced practitioners and implemented by internal or external personnel depending on the place of installation and the scope. Our commissioning engineers supervise the system until proof of the required process results.  


With this comprehensive range of services and equipment, EKATO offers partial or complete solutions from the idea to a technically and economically sound solution. By means of piloting and many years of experience in the scale-up of process engineering equipment, EKATO offers the customer process guarantees and provides high-quality production plants.  

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