optimized mixing technology for the dutch market

EKATO B.V. was established in 1982.


With a small but dedicated team we cover the complete program of the EKATO GROUP in the Netherlands and the Flemish part of Belgium.


We serve our customers with advice and proposals for all kind of mixing applications.

Besides this we also assist in the order processing and after sales whenever necessary.


Through the years EKATO B.V. has become a well-known supplier of agitators and process plants in the Netherlands and Belgium, which did result in a large number of loyal customers in the process industry.


Our team consists of:


Jacqueline van de Pol: responsible for all spare parts and service related business.

E-mail: Jacqueline.van-de-Pol@ekato.com


Aart van der Vliet: responsible for sales in Flemish Belgium and the southern part of the Netherlands.

E-mail: Aart.vanderVliet@ekato.com


Peter Haesen: responsible for sales in the Netherlands (except south-Limburg and Zeeuws Vlaanderen).

E-mail: Peter.Haesen@ekato.com



Phone: +31 33 2460404


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