Your one stop solution for agitators and process plants

At EKATO your equipment is in good hands – As an advanced solution provider EKATO offers an enhanced level of service as standard, which is unique in the market for agitating systems:

  • assembly, installation and start-up of your new EKATO equipment
  • customized solutions for your spare part requirements
  • preparation of maintenance schedules, supervision & implementation by our specialized EKATO service staff
  • customized training programs

All of these services can be offered as part of a customized service agreement.

Furthermore our services extend to support customers by optimizing the mechanical design to provide both increased reliability and increased efficiency. Process operation can also be evaluated and with the use of new technology, improvements can be realized in your processing time, efficiency, absorbed power and even quality of product. To achieve these improvements we draw on state of the art developments which have been developed with over 80 years experience and R&D in mixing technologies. These proposals are not limited to EKATO equipment. We can also undertake evaluations on competitor equipment, mostly with significant results.

Each service task is documented in our digital machine card. This way the current condition and life cycle can always be displayed and analyzed. This service is free of charge for owners of EKATO equipment.

Developments regarding materials and components (e.g. motors, gearboxes, mechanical seals) are all considered in retrofit programs, for example upgraded spare parts may provide improved energy efficiency or increase the life time of wear parts, etc.

For additional improvement of maintenance efficiency and an increase in operating safety EKATO can offer automation solutions for the monitoring of gearboxes and supply systems.


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